I only listened to "To Be With You" and ... Nice work! You have a nice voice, and it goes well with the sound of a guitar. I don't know if you miked your guitar or recorded it from a line out to line in, but I personally think you should aim for a warmer guitar sound. It would go well with this type of song. If you're miking your guitar, try pointing the mike between the point where the neck meets the body and the soundhole. I find that this produces a nice warm accoustic sound without blowing your ears off with bass.

Once again, good work!
The vocals are nice, maybe a little loud, but they sound good. I like the guitar, it sounds pretty cool, I think it might sound better if it were panned differently so it's not only on the left side. There is also some hiss on the vocal track, it might sound a little tighter to clean that up a bit (maybe cutting out some 8-10kHz with EQ would help.) Other than that you've got a pretty rad song on your hands, good job!

P.S. Thanks for the crit on my thread!
To Be With You:

The beginning chords are cool, the vocals are good, but didn't like them more than that.
The lyrics are good, I liked them. Not really much to say, good acoustic song, good chord progression, good vocals.

Cheers for the crit!