I currently play a 72 Tele Deluxe through a US Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I have switched out the pots to 500k but I am still not satisfied with the clarity esp in the neck pickup. I like to use the neck pickup for chord playing and leads when playing more mellow songs. When I use the neck pickup I don't get the string definition and clarity from the E, A, and D string. A lot of times I can't even cut through the bass player in the mix. I am now looking into ordering a pickguard from terrapin and buying different humbuckers. The problem is I haven't heard a lot of humbuckers to know what pickup will provide want I want. I have heard enough neck p/u's to know what a neck p/u is capable of and mine isn't getting it. I have been researching a lot on the web and SD seth lovers, lollar imperials, and fralin keep coming up again as highly regarded. I need help sorting through all the possibilities to at least help me narrow my choices. I primarily play at my church, playing a lot of contemporary christian music, but I play on my own too. The heaviest sound I play is Black Keys. Any other info you need to help me find what I'm looking for I'll be happy to answer. As far as price range I would pay as much as I would for original WR humbuckers, seeing as that is my other option. Thanks again.

72 Telecaster Deluxe RI

Boss ME-50

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
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