Alright, so I have an Epiphone Les Paul Studio 2003 model I believe. It has a really warped necked, and I am considering having a guitar tech do a neck and pickup swap on it. I had a few questions about it however. First question:How involved would it be getting the new neck painted? I would try to find a Gibson Les Paul kneck somewhere, but obviously it wouldn't come painted the same color as the guitar's body. How hard would it be to find the paint for this guitar? It's the gloss black color. Second question: Any good sources for finding replacement parts? Like I said, I would be trying to find a Gibson Les Paul neck, unless an Epi replacement neck would be substantially cheaper. Third question: Is the pickup swap difficult on a LP? I have basic soldering skills, and was wondering if I would be able to do it myself, to cut down on the amount that it would cost to have a tech do it. I haven't rendered a decision yet for the pickup, but obviously its going to be another set of passive pickups. Those are the only 3 questions I can think of for now, but I will post more if I think of them.

lol no im joking
but it shouldent be all that hard to find the same colour to paint the neck.
or you could just repaint the whole thing?
just give me a fender and let me rip
There is no real point to going out and getting a Gibson neck. The guitar is still going to be an Epiphone Studio. Your best bet for finding a replacement neck is on ebay, where there is a black epi custom shop neck for .99. (Assuming your neck is bolt on).

Pickup swaps are not that difficult with basic soldering skills. Just do a search and you will find plenty of info.