After countless hours of effort and thinking, I've come to the ultimate fusion. It's got a John Lennon type of Electric groove then it has a sharp acoustic tone with a Piezo from a buzzer at Radioshack! All I did was really want to have an acoustic electric, and not having enough money to splurge on one, built one myself!

Check out the John Lennon Guitar for an idea of if you want to make it, and check Here on how to make your Piezo pickup and where to put it, is actually up to you.

Parts used:
Home-made Piezo pickup from Radioshack
1/4" Female Mono jack from Radioshack
Extra wires from things I don't use like old pc mics
1 500K Volume Knob
1 3 way Gibson style pickup selector
1 Soundhole plug from a local music shop
1 Single Coil pickup from my squier

Here are pics:

I got some good guitars, yo.
That's pretty sweet. Got any recordings? I'm thinking about building my own electric from scratch this summer, but your post intrigues me. I think I might try doing the pickup thing on my acoustic as well.

EDIT: What's this Lennon guitar you speak of? Or do you just mean that his was sorta like this?
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His was similar. It has a single coil in the neck position, and a tone and volume knob. But My inspiration was to have both acoustic and electric tones from one guitar. The only way to achieve this was to have both a piezo and single coil in[or humbucker].
I got some good guitars, yo.
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Hmm, I might want to try this, tempting over $80 on an acoustic pickup.

I spent probably around 20-40 bucks total on the stuff needed and then put stuff laying around in and it really sounds just as good as an 80 dollar pickup, but with more variety in tones. Though I still need something to boost the volume for the Electric pickup since the distance from the strings is quite a ways. Jim? Any help?
I got some good guitars, yo.
Glad you could use some of my idea. Gold knobs are always gorgeous on an acoustic, in my opinion.
Sincerely, Chad.
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Very nice man. That gold knob looks great. Any chance of sound clips?

Also check out the piezo pickup thread, not only is it epic, but it's also packed full of win, and schematics for a preamp....

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