So BOTB is coming up, and I'm gonna be using a borrowed Peavey Triple XXX head through a Marshall 1960 cab (I'm not sure if it's the one with V30s or not). Does anyone who has this head or have experience with this head know some settings that will give me a decent Bullet For My Valentine tone? We're doing Waking the Demon as our cover. I'm only gonna have a day or two before the show of actual hands on with the head, so I don't have time to look up settings in the Ultimate Settings thread and sit there and tweak them since it's probably not the head that they actually use. And I'm the lead guitarist BTW, if that would make any difference in what the tone should be.

So, any ideas?

My guitar is an LTD Viper 400 with an EMG 81/85 set, which is pretty close to what Padge used to record the album (I think).
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