I picked this up 2 days ago, for those of you who don't know what it is, its Goldfingers new album. If you ask me, they changed A LOT! 1 song, Handjobs For Jesus, that'll explain it all, I personally think its the best on the album, but boy, no one ever expected singing or guitar playing like that from the guys that did Mable or Superman, its a change. They do still have 2 ska songs on it, kinda like in Disconnection Notice, only these ones are better. So I'm just wondering......if you picked it up, what do you think?
Heard it on their myspace, sounds pretty cool. I only album I have is Open Your Eyes and I reckon it's better than this new one.
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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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im a huge goldfinger fan

i would say they havnt changed at all. Having charlie back is great though, seems much better than disconnection notice so far & its nice to have horns back in the mix

saying that...

one more time is a HORRIBLE horrible song

as is handjobs for jeesus, Free Kevin Kjonaas & Julian

Free Kevin Kjonaas, really? ALF & PETA are assholes and can **** off, that guy belongs behind bars. that song really puts me off paying money for this cd. john feldman needs to lay off on the shameless peta & vegan promotion.
I find Handjobs for Jesus to be a wonderful song with a little brash yet present philosophy. Seriously. And yeah, Julian is gay, its like 45 seconds, but Free Kevin Kjonas Is amazing, haha, I'm not a vegetarian but I like what they're trying to do, and that for now Is to at least kill animals in a humane way. As for horns, it reminds me of Disconnection Notice and In With The Out Crowd by LTJ, only two songs thrown into the album, for Goldfinger thats not surprising, but LTJ's new album should not suck as bad as IWOC.
It's pretty good. I think it's melodies are hooky and it does seem like familiar Goldfinger. That being said, the production is too polished and it isolates the listener from the band, I feel. Lyrically as well, I have to say, John Feldman is just losing his way so badly.

Initially it was like I had fallen in love with Goldfinger again, but a week or two on (yeah, I downloaded it first) I find myself still enjoying the album, but still longing for another Hang Ups
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I thought they changed for the worse, just making them sound like just another melodic-hardcore/pop-rock band out there. Just not the same. Well a couple of songs werent too bad, but still, overall disappointed. It kind of seems like they rushed a little to much on writing the songs and just winged everything in the studio.

Alright it wasnt quite as bad as I described it, but know for sure the only song worthy of going on their second greatest hits album ( ) would be Handjobs For Jesus.
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Finally another Handjobs For Jesus fan, haha, I love that song! Yet if I really want a song covering the topics that Handjobs For Jesus did, Down Down Down To Mephistos Cafe is also good. I love music that makes you think...