With a Toneport, how would you record video as well with it, with like a digital camera or webcam. Is that possible.


1. can you hear what your playing
2. how would you hear backing tracks
3. how would backing tracks be played with it
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can't record video with a toneport.
if you have the backing tracks playing through your computer, just make sure whatever you're using has your soundcard as the audio device. unless you want to use the toneport, in which case you just need to set the device to that and use whatever you're using with the toneport (headphones, stereo monitors, etc).
it can't play backing tracks.
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as stated, this is an audio interface, it has nothing to do with video.

If you want to get great youtube videos out you'll need an interface for audio and a good digital video camera.

I use my good audio rig and then record with a mini DV camera. After filming ill put the two into the computer and sync them in editing, (windows movie maker works and is free).

Some members will have a mic input on their cam and use a mic to record the audio directly to their tape so they dont have to sync but then you cant do too much audio editing since you can only work with your non-liner-editing program which is generally built around video.

when it comes to movie making and such most will edit video with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or the big one...Avid Xpress. As for editing audio, everyone using Avid will export to ProTools since Avid and ProTools are one company now. This keeps everything synced up well.

Enough rambling on, I think you have enough info...
Sure you can, thats what I do all the time and the best way IMO to go about doing it.

Setup your recording program and hardware and hit record on that...then hit record on the camera.

When you are done, stop the recording and then save the audio as a .wav and then put the video onto your computer using soem type of transfer cable or if you have a digital video camera, hook up the firewire cable.

Load both files into an editing program for video work and sync the two by playing it a few times and adjusting as needed.

The toneport will only do audio, nothing else...thats how any audio interface will work.
That would work too. You would just need to connect it to your PC and the use some type of program to capture as you go. Then that program must be able to save the video in some format that windows movie maker can work with.

I have never used a web cam with editing software so its a new idea to me but im sure theres some software that will do what you want out there.