This bass amp (Ashdown Labs Superfy)

It has this rating on it:
Power Output: 2 x 250W into 4 Ohms (RMS)

now does this mean, if I add a 4 ohm 4x10 cab it would give me 500W? or only 250?

Or would I need TWO 4 ohm cabs for it to be 500w?
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It sounds to me like your amp runs 2 channels, each at 250watts. In other words, you should hook up a 4 ohm cab to each channel.

Simple as that (it seems).

So... take some cab that's rated at 4 ohm, and plug it in. And, you'd probably have to plug another cab into the other channel. (if you had a stereo cab, you would need each connection to be at 4ohm... so, each channel sees 4 ohm)

Of course... I could be wrong, but that "2 x 250W" notation indicates this to me.