the instrument itself seems kind of pointless to me, doesn't seem worth it =\

i've never played it, but i imagine you go about it like any other kind of guitar..
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you play it two handed........ here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf56jYDv2fc.......
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Oh yeah, and if guitar hero got you into the guitar? you're really playing for the wrong reasons.

there is no wrong reason to play a guitar, except for world enslavement and extermination of certain races, but those guys never make it big anyway.
i would have problems hitting the low strings. i play left handed with a right handed guitar.
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yea those arent very practical and i dont think there supposed to be but yea there almost always used for tapping you could play it normally but it probably wouldnt work very well

when Moses brought down the plagues upon Egypt one of them involved Behringer amps

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Haha, you missed a thread making fun of that exact instrument.
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the 16 string bass was invented by Sir Stuart of Manring to be a musical instrument that doubles as a shield in 1328 AD.

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