new san diego metal ready to kick some ass. Tell me what you guys think and what we can do to improve. Please constuctive criticism. Also feel free to add us on myspace.


hey....im not too much of a fan of your vocalist's style but i will judge fairly

guitar: riffs are awesome! that beginning of from the dead has a nice disturbed feel

chorus: i like the chorus! is very uprising

recording: is good! mixing and everything sounds really good!

drumer: like his style he definitely does you guys justice

not too many negative comments....lyrics are ok

overall great job

Thanks yeah some people do have a it of a problem with the vocals but in time i think he'll progress so it should be ok
Yeah our lead guitarist is great! Heres some update news: Were playing our first show on the 28th of may inside Dreamstreet in OB!
You definitely have an old school metal vocalist. I'm not too crazy about it. It almost sounds fake. Like he's trying to force being heavy. He's very monotone with his screams. I'd say he needs to work on some of his variations. It gets boring. Not too big on the lyrics, either. Musically, it's not bad. If I'm being honest, it's pretty basic stuff. It works, but it doesn't really stand out. You guys are very tight, though. I guess it's just not my style. You guys ARE good, though. Just not something I would listen to.
I dont mind it man.
Reminds me a lot of Pantera. Except Phil Anselmo had a lot more range

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