you guys have any good songs to recommend to listen to with no singing. The reason i love acoustic guitar but don't like it when they sing sometimes, thanks!
Classical Gas

Look up the candyrat record label. Amazing musicians.. all acoustic. Andy McKee, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Tommy Emmanuel
Led Zeppelin - Bron Yr Aur/White Summer Black Mountainside
John Butler - Ocean (edit:it appears the guy above beat me to the punch on this one)
Advice: Start getting into classical guitar.
Little Martha - Allman Brothers
Dee - Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne)
Bron-Yr-Aur and Black Mountain Side - Led Zeppelin..(edit: good call mattvl! lol)
Flamingo - Paul Gilbert
I guess these are more in the rock vein I suppose.
For classical stuff I recommend any Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin, and Al DiMeola (Saturday Night in San Francisco especially), Andres Segovia, California Guitar Trio...
I just drew a blank..lol
Ah well, enjoy!

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classical gas. greensleeves. is there anybody out there - pink floyd ... blackbird by paul mccartney is an acoustic song that sounds good without lyrics...
wonderboy and tribute by tenacious D
32/20 - keith richards of the rolling stones..stairway to heaven, rain song, ten years gone by led zeppelin.
any song off of eric claptons live acoustic album sounds good without lyrics
the bron-yr song .. white summer and emerald eyes by jimmy page of zeppelin
try carl perkins and chet atkins too.. they play fast tempo country-ish sounding guitar instrumentals.
For spanish stuff check:
Leyenda by Albeniz
Capricho arabe by Francisco
and Malaguena by many artist

have fun, you may have a challenge here also.
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rodrigo y gabriella


they are truly amazing. I would love to be able play like gabriella someday.

Tommy Emmanuel is your man if you want great one-man acoustic pieces, saw him live and he was out of this world.
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