Poll: Which Large pedalboard is your favourite?
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5 5%
The Real Ming
33 31%
7 7%
52 49%
9 8%
Voters: 106.

The Real Ming
Quote by The Real Ming
I guess I'm in the Large category. Sorry for the large pictures.

This is what I call my "Basement Rig". The boards are cheaply made with plywood covered in carpet or just painted. I have two smaller setups throughout the house.

The first section is my compression/fuzz. First off is my 2205's channel switcher. Then a EHX White Finger and a MXR SuperComp(in od/dist picture). My fuzzes are: Fulltone Ultimate Octave-->Dunlop FuzzFace (modded)-->EHX Big Muff.

This is my dist/od section. Starts with a modded Boss DS-1-->BBE Green Screamer-->Boss DF-2-->Ibanez TS9-->Fulltone Full-Drive 2. Also in the picture is my Whirlwind A/B/Y and MXR SuperComp.

Up next is my modulation/boost section. It is a Boss CH-1-->EHX Small Stone(russian)-->EHX Pulsar-->Boss GE-7-->EHX LPB-1-->EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress.

Finally is my delay/reverb board. It is just an EHX Deluxe Memory Man-->EHX Holy Grail.




"The white OD and the A/B Switch were built by me "
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
i voted tstrebeck


+1, that's some quality gear.
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I voted Ming.
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At what point do you start losing tone though, seriously? *pushing some effects through that Bugera arn't ya Bloodshed?
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Lol, I play a lot of different stuff, and need effects for some of it. Some of my favorite bands are Circa Survive, Codeseven, and Minus The Bear. Though my favorite tones I get are the tubescreamer clone in front of the Bugera as a boost for the lead channel. If I put the SD-1 after the my TS clone over the clean channel, I can use that as a low-mid gain "channel". Most of my effects are used on the clean channel when I play in the post hardcore band. I am an effects nerd though. However, when I go to the lead channel, the absolute most I will add is my compressor, one of the ODs, and the EQ. I don't intend to add more, I just plan to swap for better stuff. The Ibanez chorus will be replaced by a Small Clone, the delay by a DD-20 or DL-4 (jury is still out), the DOD phaser probably by a Boss Phaser or Flanger (I wanted a stepped phaser sound). I might build some more dirt pedals, but i dont know. I can get anything I want out of this board.

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The real Ming for me :3 His pedal board is fecking EPIC. I love the Fuzz and Mod section.
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i voted tstrebeck

wow, yeah. That wasn't even fair.
The Real Mind = Overkill anyone?

i bet he has the worst tone. prob sounds like GP5
I voted FoolOnThePlanet , it was that board or the one of tstrebeck , but since tst got enough fans here ( ;-) ) I voted for Fool.

Nice boards everyone , and thumbs up Fool. You have a very nice rig there
Cheers mate.
It get's the job done. It's gone through many transformations, but I love it's current form. the pic up is a bit outdated, the volume pedla is now last in the chain so I can control fade in/fade out of the loops and the bottom row of pedals is in semi circle formation. I might get rid of the octave soon and replace it with a better one. Also, the Micro Amp is first in the first section providing gain boost for both the BD-2 and Muff rather than just BD-2.

Wow Ming, quite a collection.

If I had to choose out of the ones besides me I'd go for tstrebek. Quality over quantity, nice amp too! The only one I could live with besides my own without any modifications adding or taking away pedals.
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tstrebeck does have the sickest pedals in this definitely

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I voted for tstrebeck. The Real Ming came in a very close second.
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tsrebeck here. I just really like his board for some reason.
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I voted Ming. Those EHX pedals won me over.
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I voted tstrebeck by far, the others are pretty boring IMO. If only I had've got my entry in on time.
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