So I got this wacky strat from this guitar guy my dad knows about 8 months ago. It's a Fender, American-made strat from about 1971 or 1972, and it was kinda a mess. It had this really ugly paint job, the neck was slightly off, and the electronics were a bit messed up. So, I took it in to the guitar guy in around February to see if he could fix the paint job, check the pickups, and find a good neck for it.

Well, I just got it back today, and it plays like a ****ing dream. Each pickup position sounds phenomenal, he found the original neck from this exact guitar, since he knew the guy who owned it before him, and he painted it the most amazing creamy color I've ever seen. Plus, he found a tremolo bar for it, after going through about 50-60 tremolo bars from the same time period.

My camera is out of batteries, but once I get some, I'll definitely take some pics of it to put on here.

Oh, and just a little anecdote about the guitar: the guy who fixed it up was playing it last night to check how it was sounding, while jamming with a friend of his who just got a brand new, $2400 american strat. After a few hours, they switched guitars and the guy who got the new one started pleading to let him trade guitars straight up. To make it even more awesome, I got this strat for only 350 bucks.

IN SUMMARY: I got a ****ty strat, it got all fixed up, now it's awesome, and PICS COMING SOON
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Congrats man! Don't let it get away from you.
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