I'm turning 16 tomorrow (Wednesday) so I'm looking to get a job, and I'm considering my options. I'd certainly love to sell guitars because I know a lot about them, and I'd love to work around them all day I also would like to repair guitars, but I'd need to learn :O

I'm just wondering if Sam Ash hires at 16, or 18, and do they work on commission as I'd assume? One thing that worries me about a job like that, is that people might not come up to the 16 year old salesman...

What are some other good job opportunities? (I live in Charlotte, NC, though I doubt anyone else does and can be "liek git jawb at heer") There are 2 Harris Teeters within about 4 miles of my house, do they pay well for what the job is?

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you're probably old enough, but since you're a minor, don't expect anyone to take you seriously.

That's what I was worried about... I'll probably end up bagging groceries at HT. If they pay well I suppose it doesn't matter.