I have been trying to work on a new song recently and I really havn't made a lot of progress, If really only came up with a chorus and a variation of the chorus. The lyrics flow perfectly with the guitar riff, but that's all I have. The song is all chords on an acoustic guitar and I'm having a difficult time making a verse sounding riff that is composed of chords that don't make it sound like the chorus. I've trying to come up with something new for the lat few days and I'm stuck as a guitarist and a lyricist. Any advice to get out of this hole or tips would be great, and sorry if this was the wrong place to post this.
I am in the same as you, I suggest you work on one at a time...Either get the lyrics then make it work on guitar or guitar than find some words. I dont know how muched that helped but best of luck
When I was in my last band in was under pressure to write lyrics but had writers block the best thing i did was take out a piece of paper and just write, not lyrics not anything really. I start by doing a journal like entry and just take about my day or people i like/dislike, or events or whatever and just go with it. It gets your mind thinking about things. Then i kinda just start zoning out and start writing about something emotional without noticing really. You won't write anything that can be used for lyrics for the most part but you can get a good basis on thing you want to write about. Don't force rhyme schemes ever.

I saw the way your heart escapes my fatal blow
Yet still I wait for the winter's snow

The last line would come out better as something like
Yet still I wait and wonder

IMO, of course lol