im going to give you my whole brackround before you give your advice. i just turned 18. i play guitar alot and would consider myself a music theory freak. i study that **** all day everyday. i kno all my scales inside and out alond with its modes. so with that said im no greenday/panic at the disco/fall out boy fan. friedman and becker are my idols. im currently using a jackson dinky with seymour JBs. im using a fender deluxe through a metal zone (which i have for about another 2 months), with a fender 212 for back up. NOW for the new amp. i have about 800-1000 to spend on a new tube amp. i really enjoyed playing the marshall JVM, loved its tone and its amp channels. I LOVED the spider valve, tone was just amazing but im not a fan of digital amps, they kinda scare me. all of that software and programing just makes me wonder how quick it will break. Ive heard good things about the mesa boogie mark III. Im just stuck on my options and need some advice in which directions to look. any peavy suggestions would be helpful also.

Best way to describe my desired tone is Beckers or friedmans, with my clean like eric johnsons.
Well, is it possible that you can sell your fender(s)?

That being said... Mesa Mark IV? it looks like you want versatility (I haven't listened much to becker or friedman).
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i would only sell them ONLY if i was geting another combo. i dont want to travel with a half stack everytime for practice.
the spider valve had incredible versatility with great tone, i just want to know if any owners have had problems with them. and i really dont need 400 programmed channels to sound like boulevard of broken dreams
i feel that you could achieve better tone with a non line-6 amp. Look into my spam thread for my review of the amp... it was "very ok", if you know what I mean.
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Jake will suffice.

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