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like the title says.

Ceriatone 18w head:
this looks like a GREAT amp I haven't been able to try one but I have played a plexi before and absolutley LOVED it. It's a great classic rock/Blues amp (which I play almost exclusevly) and can do some metal when need be with an OD. Hopefully will order this in May.

Avatar 2x12 with greenbacks: Need I say more? will get this with the 18w in May hopefully.

MXR Carbon copy: heard it was a great delay plus its analog.

Boss DD6/EHX Memory man with Hazari: I haven't decided on which of these to get yet Because I want a Delay with tap tempo they bot seem great but I'm leaning towards the EHX because it has a looper and that eliminates that problem.

Ernie Ball Volume pedal: well I need a volume pedal and I've been told this is a very good one.

Vox 847A: I played with this wah awhile and Liked it alot over alot of the other wah's I tried I plan on modding it to true bypass.

MI Audio Crunch box: heard it was a awesome pedal Plan on buying.

Emma RezaFratZitz: I've never played this personally but have heard it played before and its is an amazing sounding pedal to my ears I plan on getting this one.

Digitech bad monkey: I need a good OD and have heard VERY good things about it and tried it once and like it.

Fulltone OCD: my gosh this thing is amazing Definatly want to buy.

Lovepedal 200lbs of tone: heard this a couple times never played it but it sounded great.

EHX small clone: I need a chorus and liked this one the most.

EXH small stone: I also needed a phaser and like this one the most.

MXR117R flanger: well once again I needed a flanger and really like the sound of it and I can do some old school van halen with it lol.
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This year's goals for me are an EHX Big Muff, a DigiTech Bad Monkey, and a Dunlop Crybaby Classic.
I plan on being broke most of this year.
Well, I already got my Schecter. So now I need a new cab, most likely going with Avatar with V30's. Probably gonna build myself a 10 band EQ and a compressor and maybe a phaser. And may get a Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX.

Thats about all I can foresee right now.
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Vox Wah
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
I plan on making alot of money this summer. And since I already have some alright equipment at the moment, I may just save it and spend it on responsible things.


I will probably either get a Budda Superdrive 30 or start up bass and pick up a nice jazz bass with a local 1968 bassman.
Maybe a nice guitar like a USA strat, or get a couple of MIMs and soup them up (like, have one with humbuckers, and one with lipstick pickups)
Or, maybe a nice tele.

Erm.. I want to get a good recording setup around. I have some potential e-collaborations going on with a couple of UGers, and I want something other than my stupid camera and cheap software to cut some tracks.

Really not set in stone yet.
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Various Ibanez TS9s
Weber MASS Attenuator
Vox AD50VT and a distortion pedal(probably ts9).....
Yamaha C40 acoustic
Yamaha EG 112

Yamaha GA-15

Dunlop Crybaby Original
new pickups for my Rhoads, replacing the Iommi's already in there. Tossed up between EMG81's or Blackout's.

A coffin case, again for my Rhoads. I've heard they're not very sturdy, but whatever, they look damn cool.

ENGL Blackmore head along with a 4X12 Vader cab. I'll be paying for this set for a while, but it's well worth it.

Boss GE-7 Equalizer. I need an equalizer, and I trust Boss.

Boss Metal Core ML-2. Own an MT-2, and sounds horrible on all but 2 settings. Also, when you hold a note with a lot of highs (e string), you can hear the pitch changing due to the pedal. Looking for something a little more versatile.

Boss DD-6/DD-7 Delay. Because everyone wants delay.
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Better patch cables, getting my cab finished, narrowing down to two guitars (SG and JV Strat). Mabye try adding something to my board that isn't an od or boost.
I need to purchase a new cabinet, guitar, and some pedals.
On top of that I need to retube my amp, and sell some things.
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I need a new pedalboard w/ better cable management. Possibly a Trailer Trash. I already got a Fulltone TTE and Blackheart Little Giant, but I wouldn't mind having a Blackstar Series One.
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Either getting a Ceriatone 18w TMB, or a Tiny terror. Ive got a pretty sweet metal setup right now though, so now im making my classic rock rig.
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Orange Rockerverb 50
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Havent put much thought into what brand or anything but I'm gonna definitely get myself an EQ pedal and a good overdrive.
i've spent too much money on e-drum stuff.. i'll be broke for awhile until i can start thinking of guitars..


i'm thinking of getting a strat type guitar from

Canadian handmade custom guitars! i played one a awhile ago and damn.. blows away any ibanez prestige or high end jackson i've tried yet.
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I've completely changed everything this year.

Now all i need to do is get a fuzzbox and a good noise gate (well, tbh, i don't mind background noise that much since i go for a dirty, grimey sound anyway, so i might get an octaver instead - i have 2 more spaces left on my power bank for my pedals)

i also plan on getting new tubes/speaker for my amp. i think the laney thread can help me there
Rig Winter 2017:

Fender Jazzmaster/Yamaha SG1000
Boss TU-3, DS-2, CS-3, EHX small stone, Danelectro delay
Laney VC30-112 with G12H30 speaker, or Session Rockette 30 for smaller gigs
Elixir Nanoweb 11-49 strings, Dunlop Jazz III XL picks
Shure SM57 mic in front of the amp
Whatever catches my eye on ebay or Craig's List. I "won" a Z. Vex Lo-fi Loop Junky yesterday. I'm always tweaking. It's getting around that time that I should think about selling some things rather than adding them.
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I want a new amp, I'm looking at a Laney VC15 and the Orange Tiny Terror. With those amp I probably gonna buy a TS9. I also want a MXR analog delay and a MXR Phase 9. And a pedal tuner would be nice, but that's only if a have too much money.
Oh and if I buy the Tiny Terror, I also need some kind of reverb. The Laney has it build in.
I'm looking to get a vintage Chorus and a Jaguar, and custom pickups for it. Maybe also a new wah/mod my Crybaby, and maybe get a new speaker for my Laney.
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I plan to get a Carvin Legacy head for my birthday, and pair it with the cab I already have. Maybe change the speakers if I'm able to.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Sending my 6505 head to FJAmods to get rid of the FIZZ. Oh yeah, and buy more Mesa/Boogie amps and more cabs.
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My gear so far (that i use)

Well im happy with both guitars, only the pickups on my RG im not too happy, the evos are just too high output and arent versatile at all. The neck pickup has LITERALLY no treble.
Im going to get either an Air Norton/Steve's Special or a PAF Pro/Mo' Joe combo

Fender Supersonic Combo- Awesome amp, youd think Fender could never get high gain right, but they did this time.

I can easily get very nice modern Satchish lead tone, but decrease the power amps gain and you got the finest Plexi lead tone.

The vintage side is amazing too, the vibrolux, well you DONT get any cleaner than this channel. The bassman channel only gets better with pedals, got a tubescreamer? your in heaven

Morley Bad Horsie 2- This wah can do anything!! With the contour channel you can get any imaginable wah tone out of this thing. If you are one of the people that could never get used to the feeling of a crybaby, this is the wah for you. Its so smooth and easy to use. Unlike most normal wahs, this thing screams in high gain.
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Ask me any questions about my gear!
A Peavey 5150 combo, for the bruttals, while I will be using a Fender for my cleans.

My guitar's are fine, but I'm going to replace my 7's p/ups with something else.

Goredit: I forgot, I'm also getting an ISP Decimator
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I'd like to get another guitar to separate out my metal and non-metal. Not sure what yet.

Would like a smaller valve amp. Ideally a Tiny Terror, but I think it's too big for my purposes, probably a Blackheart little giant or similar.

Still missing some ideal pedals, NEED a decent delay, and some sort of flanger.

Would also like to get my DS-1 and MT-2 modded to get them a bit more usable. The DS-1 still sees some use, but the MT-2 is practically a lost cause.
im getting a peavey classic 30 and if i have enough money a epi hummingbird
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
Just recently picked up an Orange Tiny Terror and an Epi VJ 1x12 cab, and so far, it's been a great improvement over my Palomino.

Later in the year, I'm hoping to upgrade the pickups in my C-1+. I've been strongly considering a set of Seymour Duncan Blackouts, but I might end up with some passive DiMarzios.
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I've got a Washburn X50PRO on the way, and I'll probably get some modulation pedals - Boss or EHX chorus, MXR phaser etc. My Mesa/Boogie has a fair amount of background hiss on it when I up the volume on the OD channel, so I might see if putting a noise suppressor in my chain or loop would help that.

I could do with a wah - tried out a Morley Power Wah, but found it too bassy; and a Vox, but found it kind of nasal. Might try out some Crybabys.
Not so much changing, but I want to add a wah of some description (dunno what kind yet though)
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Fender Superchamp XD
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6505 combo
rackmounted HUSH noise gate
Maybe another old school Ibanez or ESP.

After these I should be set for a while
Is it worth an extra $50 to get the OCD Fulltone ?
Or will the MXR be fine?
I'll have it on all the time to boost the peavey and get those killer tones at lower volumes.
Orange tiny terror
ENGL 2x12 cab
PRS Singlecut
I'm going to be trading my RIC 620 for Gibson Les Paul, or some type of LP styled guitar, mabe an ESP Eclipse. If I go new I will probably go for the ESP since they are about the same price as a Studio Les Paul. But as of right now I am waiting patiently for a nice used Gibson, or ESP for that matter to show up at my music store, they have a couple LP's but none fit the bill. As far as FX I might think about an EQ pedal, and mabe a delay with a tap function, but since I am not playing lead at the moment I am useing mostly amp Dist./Cleans so they can take a back seat for sure.
OK...I am one of the rare folks that is NOT getting the Tiny Terror! Instead, I have already picked up a Sweeeet Marshall DSL 50. All haters got to hear this thing sing! I am downsizing my 4x12 cabinet (which sounds great) but need more portability, so plan on a 2x12 cab with either GB's or V30's.

In fact, does anyone know about this cab...Orange PPC212 Speaker Cabinet w/ Vintage 30 - $450? It's on local craig's list?

Have a great 2008!
My goal is an actual Whammy pedal, maybe a Fuzz Face. I also would like a new guitar, perferrably a Firebird style, or anything with a Floyd Rose.
I'm getting a Laney VC30 112 to replace my MG. An Ibanez FL9 flanger, and possibly an electro acoustic for solo gigs.
I have to absolutely upgrade my rig this year. Since I'm getting a job this summer and may keep it for the year if I do well enough I'm definitely buying a new amp, high gain tube that's the only specifics at the moment though. Probably a new guitar but if not, eh. I care =about the amp really.
Everything in my rig has/is being changed.

got my new Strat a few weeks ago,

traded the only real pedal i use for a Monsterpiece 2 Headed Monster

and i have a Metro JTM45 in the mail, i also plan on eventually getting something like a Blues Deluxe to A/B with.
Ibanez AFS75/Fender Strat Plus > Fulltone Deja' Vibe > Keeley TS808 MOD+ > Fulltone OCD > VanAmps SoleMate > Metro JTM45
I'll be going to a Midi controlled rack rig. I hate to do it because of the cost, but it's the only way for me to maintain a decent level of control over the current lineup and any future additions as the pedal board is quite ridiculous as it now stands. That said, here is what I need:

Rocktron All Access LTD Midi controller
Furman PL-Plus II
RJM RG-16 Switcher/Looper/Amp controller
TC Electronic G-Major
Korg Kaoss Pad KP3
6U rack case that's wider than 25" but shallower than 14"
A crap load of cables
Maybe a rackmountable shelf or drawer

As it stands the only real effects unit I have in my rig is a Kaoss Pad KP2 and I need to have access to a few more traditional effects. I only have room on my board for one pedal and I need access to more than that. Put that with the fact that it takes way too long to go from a dry high gain tone to a wet clean tone, as there are multiple switches that need switching, and I'm stuck with the need for Midi. My other present issue is I can't cut my noise reduction in/out of the signal path without pressing buttons on the unit itself, this is something that a Midi switching system can rectify.

I'm also seriously considering a Ceriatone Overtone Special. As far as I'm concerned why even bother with Marshall clones when the company does great Dumble clones (and when you consider the price of a real Dumble...).

I'll also be considering the purchase of a digital piano. I've been looking at the Korg TR-88, but I'm not sure I'll actually use it for anything other than a piano sound so I may look at other options. A Traynor K4 would be the ideal amplification for said piano and make an excellent powered monitor for everything else, but I worry I'll already be over budget if I buy a piano to begin with so maybe it'll have to wait.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM
depending on the grades i get this smeseter (self rewarding ) im getting a b-52 tube head, or any good tube head i can find for cheap and a used marshall 1960 cab. id get an avatar..but i want the marshall name haha.

o yea..and a pedalboard too. plus a noisegate.

the reason why i want a head+cab config is that when im again in a band, i figure ill have my 4x12 at the rehersal space, and have a 2x12 at home. and then just carry my pedalboard, guitar and head to and fro.
Jackson DKMG MIJ
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MXR Super Comp
Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer
MXR 10 band EQ
Crate 120 watt ss
The first thing I'm buying is a Valvetrain 205 Tall Boy amp. My Rivera is great, but too big and loud for many situations. The Valvetrain looks pretty damn awesome, and I'm hoping to get it sometime during May.

My next guitar will either be a Fender Jazzmaster or a Telecaster, I'm not decided yet. Hoping to get this done by August.

Pedals I'm buying: Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper, ISP Decimator, EMMA DiscumBOBulator, Moog Ring Modulator.

I'm doing some DIY pedals too, I made a Woolly Mammoth clone yesterday, and it's really turned me on to DIY stuff.
If I can make enough money this summer I'm gonna get a 6505 and then send it to FJA mods to make it more of a monster than it already is. I'm probably gonna get some Blackouts for at least one of my guitars, too, if not both.
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Fender Supersonic Combo- Awesome amp, youd think Fender could never get high gain right, but they did this time.

I can easily get very nice modern Satchish lead tone, but decrease the power amps gain and you got the finest Plexi lead tone.

The vintage side is amazing too, the vibrolux, well you DONT get any cleaner than this channel. The bassman channel only gets better with pedals, got a tubescreamer? your in heaven

Yeah, I was very surprised with this amp too! Incredibly versatile and it has many good tones. This was like in the top 5 amps I wanted to get, but alas, the supersonic kind of lacked the life that the CBB and the other higher end fenders had (which were a 1964 vibroverb custom RI, and a 1966 blackface super reverb)
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Ceriatone 18w TMB Combo
Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor
Various Ibanez TS9s
Weber MASS Attenuator
I already got the new axefor the year. My Windsor is probably gonna be gone for something else. Alnico IIs for the new LP, V30's for my cabinet, and bolstering the pedal board.

The money cant come soon enough
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