I got curious today and noticed theres a slight bow in my neck...I don't have any fret buzz or intonation issues, and I pressed down on the first and last fret and there is space between the string and fret on the 7th...Is there any problem with this or am I in the clear like I think I am?
It feels like sex in my hands...just was wondering if a slight bow was bad or not
It shouldn't be, unless you've noticed it getting worse.
the next is not supposed to be totaly straight, there is supposed to be a slight bow, that's what the metal rod in your neck is for.
Theres supposed to be a slight bow in your neck. Your guitar sounds like its set up perfectly.
I was 90% sure it was ok...just wanted to make sure b/c I wouldn't want my little buddy's neck to snap in the middle of the night