Hey, this is my newest attempt at experimental metal. It sounds ok with RSE on using the LA 2019 reverb mode, but that's only the clean parts, distortion always sounds like **** with RSE... .

Tell me what you think!


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Welll, this isn´t too much of my musical style, but I´ll gonna crit it for you:

Whoa this rocks like ****! It may be very disharmonic and need some work, but it has potential. I didn´t like the drum tracks, however. Are they ment to be like that or are they just "fills"? I also would like to see you play this song, because it looks very hard to play.

It definitly needs some work, but good song!
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Hey man, I appreciate the crit on my piece, first off.

Secondly, I think we have drastically differing musical tastes, because I don't really like yours either. Sorry. It's too dissonant and too hectic. Like inserting that one non-distorted crazy riff in the middle of the verse doesn't really work for me; there's no setup. And man, me and you have been on here a LONG time and of all the works of yours that I've taken a look at, there always seems to be long, uninspired sections of tremolo picking... just not my bag.

I guess I'm more of a traditionalist, but this work just doesn't flow or have an abundance of direction for me, ya know? Well, thanks again for the crit.
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Dammit Saddam. Why must you write such amazing music? You always crush my hopes and dreams of being a successful musician. lol

I like the transition into the distortion. And then the clean part that comes in again.

I really liked the clean part at 56. Sounded really spiffy. lol

91 was the start of my favorite by far. I mean, I love the beginning and I love heavy stuff.. But the clean parts you write are just freaking stunning.
Question though... Are the choir ahs supposed to be on 0?

The lead at 150-154 seemed really random. Like. Really really random. The part itself was good, but I'm not sure how I feel about it in the song as a whole.

Great job though. I'm feeling like an 8/10 for this.