Poll: Do you own GTA 4 yet?
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27 15%
27 15%
No, but i'm going to get it
81 44%
No, and i'm NOT going to get it
51 27%
Voters: 186.
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Well, I have every other GTA game, cept vice city stories, but I am lacking in a next Gen console, so no.

I want to discuss this, I haven't played a GTA since the over head cam version. Is this game worth getting or should I continue reaking havoc on COD4?
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i'm going to get it in the summer when i get a ps3 - i'm waiting til after my exams!
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Not till the end of this year at least. I don't have a PS3 (dont want the others tbh) and its my final year at highschool, too much of a "distraction" apparently. So i get to wait....
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I'm in work, so it's not like im here out of my own free will. Or maybe I am...

No I only have a PC...

... and I hate you all...
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They should make it for ps2?

Wouldn't be able to handle it, methinks.
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Quote by Fishyesque
Wouldn't be able to handle it, methinks.

They could make a watered down version lol
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Wouldn't be able to handle it, methinks.

Yeah, not even a chance. The scale is absolutely incredible. I've played for over 2 hours now and still have only explored about half of the first island.
I might get it for the 360 if a friend of mine is getting it too so we can play online...not too sure yet though...didn't like San Andreas too much..Vice City pwned...heard this one is very good though...so maybe/probably
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No I only have a PC...

... and I hate you all...

Be patient. It will come.

Most likely October, maybe November.

And yeah I'm waiting for this to come out for PC, as PCs own XBOX 360s and PS3s in pretty much every way.
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And yeah I'm waiting for this to come out for PC, as PCs own XBOX 360s and PS3s in pretty much every way.

I have Ubuntu Linux on my PS3.

So ha!
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I'm getting a 360 in a couple of weeks so I might get it. It actually looks good, unlike the last two.
I waited in line for about half an hour at midnight to pick it up.

The whole time I was thinking "I can't believe how badly I want to kill little cartoon people".
If/when they release it for PC.
Unless I somehow conjour up the money for a PS3....
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GTA got old after playing SA for a couple years straight; and form what I hear this has less content than that.

So no.

I'll probably download it when they release if for PC.
I couldn't get it in any shops, should have preordered it. Hopefully I'll have it sometime this week.
I've pre-ordered it, but it isn't here.
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I stood in line for 40 minutes today to buy a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the Wii. The conversation at the cashiers desk went like this...

"Hey, how can I help you?"

"hey man can I get a copy of...er whats that game called again...er..>"

"Let me guess, the new GTA?"

"No...ah yes. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

"...I honestly wasn't expecting that. Hold on, I'll be five minutes, just gotta sift through the crowd to get the box..."

And then me and my friend started laughing and making jokes for teh lulz.
I haven't even got a 360 or PS3 yet I do plan on getting a 360 or PS3 though and will definitely get GTA IV.
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It won't be coming to the PC.

To whom it may concern anyway.

In Fall, that's when the GTA 4 marketplace will open up.

My brother and I believe they're going to sell the other cities so you can fly to them later on in the game (just how there was the easter egg of going to Liberty City in San Andreas even after the mission [it's a lot more fun than regular San Andreas cities])

My XBOX 360 is in my older brother's room, and he fell asleep next to me while I was playing, so I decided to let him sleep in peace.

Besides, I don't want to spoil the game by getting omgwtfbbqsawsefuxfar in the game in the first day it came out....

I hate doing that.

dude i want it but all i got is a ps2...and i can't afford a 360.
damn. being broke sucks!
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i'll get it for my birthday in June. i want MGS4 (comes out day before my birthday) and i hope PS3s will be cheaper. pfft.
Not yet. Hope i have it by tomorrow tho.

Funny how the game was leaked a couple weeks before the release date.
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