im learning the song raining blood by slayer and i was wondering if there is a 'set' or better way to play this riff (http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/s/slayer/raining_blood_ver3_guitar_pro.htm)


the whole thing is at a tempo of 214 and all the notes are 16th notes, except for the powerchords which are 8th notes
in the tab its called "crazy part"

when i play this is simply alternate pick the notes on the E string, and then at the correct time do a downstroke to play the powerchords.

my question is: is this technique right or good? i know that i can just keep building up speed if i practice it alot (right now i can play it at a tempo of 110bpm, so im getting there)

and also: is there any other technique or method you guys could suggest? for exapmle i tried tapping it and it was alright, so anything like that.

your help will be appreciated thanks
Alternate picking is the way to go with it, definitely but it's a damn fast riff; don't worry if it takes you a while.

I look at it this way: Raining Blood isn't a song, it's a picking hand workout.
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You're choice of technique is perfect. Just keep pluggin' away at it.
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lol. god that riff took me MONTHS to get down. and yeah, Raining blood is basically a picking hand workout.

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never, ever, be discouraged by people who say that its an easy song. That riff is not easy. Work on it with a metronome, its straight 16ths mostly.

first work on the picking hand. just try getting the 1st 4 notes up to speed with a metronome.

5-4-2-0 over and over....

then you can work on the position shifts. between the 5th and 6th fret.

then lastly you can play those power chords they slot in.
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