Hello UGers,

This is my first contribution to the site. I've been an avid forum reader for a good year now and decided to try my hand at a little riff writing. This song so far was inspired by the intro melody, but I really don't like it. I wanted to get some input on shaping this thing. I really like where it goes after the intro, just don't know how to fix the intro from sounding so fairy tale and more folk tale. The only thing from the intro that I want to keep is the last riff that ends on the C note. For some reason I really like the sound of the descending order onto that C.

The song is basically all Am scales that I was fooling around in and farming riffs. The second guitar is a minor 3rd from the lead guitar. It isn't in the key of A because I have the guitars tuned down to C to make them sound a little more metal.

Any comments or tips are appreciated. HEY! I'll even take insults. This is my first try at actually creating a song so any help would be great.
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this is basically a bunch a crazy riffs. to be honest, none of them are particularly memorable.
if you say you dont like it, stop. whats the point? after all, for most of us, music is for enjoyment. Im sure you can make up more riffs and just wait for a magic one.

keep it up