Hi, I've posted this in the Australians only thread but it didn't seem to get any replies. I'm looking to trade (or sell, if the right price comes up) my three month old Jackson RR3. There is a small chip on the corner on the very bottom of the guitar. I'm guessing it can be covered up pretty easily using a black colouring. Apart from that chip, the guitar is in excellent condition with barely any scratches on it. The floyd shows no signs of rust or wear. The guitar is black with a black pickguard. The hardware is also black. It comes with stock Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB pickups. The neck is thin and the floyd holds tune well.

This is an image of the actual guitar. I have provided a piece of paper with my username on it as people may question whether the picture is actually mine. Sorry about the quality of the picture. My phone's 2 megapixel camera really blows.

I'm looking to trade it for a Jackson KE3 with SDs or an LTD MH400. All offers will be taken into consideration. I would like to keep this trade within Sydney, Australia as I would prefer that both traders get an opportunity to test each other's guitars before making the trade.

Message me if you have any queries.

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I wish I was! US gear is so much cheaper than Aus stuff.

With new pics.

I'm looking to sell this quick so offer and we can negotiate. (:
Where are you located? Sydney?

I've just listed the guitar on Ebay with a starting bid of $750. I may take it off Ebay if you want to buy it. I'll give you a cheaper price than the ebay price.
Looking for:
- Fender Strat (Japanese)
- Higher end Ibanez
- Jackson DK2M
- ESP/LTD series