hi everyone i would like to know which guitar would be better for me to buy in terms of sound quality and the guitar itself.Obviously the better option would be to buy the KH-2 but the only problem is the budget.so i am considering getting the KH-602.how much better is the KH-2 is it worth that 1000 bucks more??help me out thanks...
This should be in the electric guitar section, you'll get more response there anyway.

All depends on how important that small increase in sound quality is to you. I went for a Gibson Les Paul rather than Epi. for that extra 10% and im glad I did.
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Not worth it all together to be honest. Look at the ESP Horizon and Mirage Standard series. You'll get MUCH better quality for only slightly more than the KH602. The KH-2 isn't really worth it unless you have massive cash to blow, even then you'd be better off buying an ESP Original series guitar.

OR you could spring for an ESP LTD M-1000. Exact same specs as the KH602 but flashier looks and a nice flamed maple top for the exact same price.

My vote goes for a good ESP Mirage standard, such as the M-II neckthru. Unless you really cant spend the money, in which case go for the M-1000.

It isnt about sound quality at this level. Once you get into this price range of guitars and higher the sound quality wont be much different between a $1000 guitar and a $4000 guitar. The difference is in the feel. the $4000 will feel astronomically better than the $1000 guitar while not sounding that much different.
For those who care.
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