So my Band and I layed Down our First Demo Today, And I totally Ruined One of our songs by Hitting the pickup while slapping, Are there any pickups that won't react to me hitting them? My pickups are stock yamaha pickups with exposed poles (that's about all i know about them) Is it just my Pickups, or do i need to slap over another part of the bass?
...or you could throw down some electrical tape over the pole pieces. That helps and it doesn't look like crap when you do it neatly.

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Slap at the neck
Tape your pickups
Lower your pickups
Raise your action

In that order, if one doesn't work.
Happens with my Jazz bass which is set up low for fingerstyle and in drop D with normal guage strings.

Slap at the neck (like, slap on the last couple frets) and play around with it. Maybe try that and raise your action just a hair (shouldnt take much...) but I don't like my strings real far off my pickups cause of the sound change (it isnt much but I'm picky).

There's one song I play in the band I'm in where the main slap riff is on strings 1,2&3, but at the end of 4 of those riffs I end that on string 4 which like I said is a low D/standard guage. It's a floppy son of a gun of a string but I slap on the last/next to last fret and it keeps it from going everywhere/hitting my pickups.

Works for me, and I'm not gentle. At all.
Thanks everyone for all the help!

I just thought i'd clarify, its my hand hitting the pickup that sets it off, not the strings hitting it, i can tell because i did the same thing on a recording i did with my fingers, just not as extreme. It also happens when i tap the pickups (not on the poles, On the black plastic)

Also, sorry to go off topic, Dimarzio Split-P Pickups. What are they like?
What you have described makes it sound like it may have some sort of faulty wiring. Of course, I have never had an open pole pickup. I reccomend you get these handy dandy things called pickup covers.

EDIT: I just realised that my link doesn't help you at all. I now reccomend you get a professional setup. The luthier will either fix your problem outright or tell you what is wrong.
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