Hey guys..
Im looking for a mesa boogie recto
but i want to know would the gain be better at higher volumes that at lower because of the tubes?
If which mesa boogie offers a switch to cut the wattage to half or are there any that are 50 watt?

What im trying to get at is why have 100watts tube when you wont be able to crank it unless in a stadium? cheers

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A single recitifier is 50 watts i believe, you could also look at a mesa lonestar they switch for 50-25 and i think the 2 x 12 it can go to 10! they sound pretty sweet too And the gain i believe is better at louder volumes to the saturation... although im not expert.
Most of the gain comes from the pre-amp tubes, so it is possible to get a f*cking heavy sound out of a 100w tube amp at below stadium volumes, you will need to turn it up a fair bit to really open it up though. to be honest the reason massive wattage amplifiers exist, (Bogner Uberschall - 120w, Diezel Herbert - 180w), is simply for headroom, you dont expect to get power tube saturation out of them. Theres a lot of ignorance surrounding tube amps, especially when 99 percent of people shove "dont get a 100w amp, dont get a half stack" down your throats! Ive got a Bogner Uberschall, and it sounds amazing even gigging in pub venues! And when you do need the volume, you better believe its there!
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