lately I've been listening to a lot of hard stuff and a whole lot of classic rock, too.
but now I'm in more of a chill mood, and I'm looking for some soft stuff to listen to.
I really have liked some of the 90's alternative I've been hearing lately (brings back some good memories haha)... I love third eye blind's slow motion.

I'm just looking for some good slow songs I can fall asleep to.
any suggestions?
Sarah blasko, regina spektor, the moldy peaches, little birdy, lior, josh pyke

is this what your after? i have more if so

Edit:you want specific songs?

Flame trees - sarah blasko
message to god - little birdy

try them
Soft? Try MAE and Coldplay, or Death Cab for Cutie. Maybe some Radiohead.


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i felt like saying that but, he wants to fall asleep to it, he didn't mention nightmares
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Hmm, 90's stuff, try some early slipknot or korn?

bro.. are you joking..
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Hmm, 90's stuff, try some early slipknot or korn?

and godsmack definitely.

galaxie 500 fits that description really well and not in a bad way.
My Bloody Valentine. Specifically "Lose My Breath," "All I Need," "Sometimes," and "To Here Knows When."
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