what is the best technique for playing false harmonics and name some guitarist who use this technique well apart for tommy emmanuel
I think you mean to say artificial harmonics. Anyways, there are a lot of ways to do it.

Tapped harmonics are simply fretting a note with your left hand and then tapping the node with your right. Simple idea.

Steve Morse has a trick where he holds his pick between his thumb and middle finger, then uses his index finger to reach out and touch the node while still using a mostly conventional picking technique.

Jaco Pastorius would do harmonics on bass by touching the side of his thumb to the string, same part of your thumb you'd use for a pinch harmonic on guitar, but then pluck with either his index or middle finger. I know guys who do use a similar idea on guitar, but use their pinky to touch the node and hold their pick like they normally would.
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Like slapping the harmonics? justin king just smacks the fret in the middle, and it makes the harmonic i do the same thing and it works fine. Just practice it slowly and your aim will be much better!