ok so usually i play unplugged and i thought i was playing well but when i plugged in i was in for a shock -so much feedback and unwanted notes coming through. some questions

1. i know you can get rid of the noise by muting with your right hand, any good online tutorials for this?

2. because of my living situation i cannot plug in alot, any recommendations for mini amps with headphones?

1. Cant help ya

2. Vox makes some, check them out

EDIT: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Amplug-Classic-Rock-Headphone-Amp?sku=481677

They come in three different effects too
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1. When i'm playing high gain stuff, i mute the strings with my picking hand mostly using the side of my palm very lightly.

2. Roland Microcube. Excellent practice amp. A little pricey compared to miniamp but is portable and every feature of it, is usable.
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yeah I cant help you with 1 but I hate one of the fender mini tone masters and there actualy pretty good and my friend has a dean "stack in a box" wich sounds pretty good as well. Both of them are 60 or less
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