I have narrowed my next guitar down to two choices, a ESP LTD M-100FM or M-200FM. The 200FM has a neck thru but the pickups are ESP EMG and arent that great while the 100FM cost less but I could just get rid of those pickups and put in whatever I wanted which would probably be Seymour Duncan. If I got the 200 I prolly wouldnt change the pickups but they are so dead sounding. They are horrible but they arent great either. Input would be great, Thanks....
Why not buy something stock with Duncans? Your looking at almost $500 to get the M-100FM + Duncans.

I'd say you get a Jackson from the pro line, made in Japan. It'll be much better quality than the, M-100 and they come stock with Seymour Duncans.
with esp, you shouldnt get anything less than a 400 model. but, you should probably go for the 200FM. it will be more of what you want and you won't have to change out pickups unless you're looking for a different tone. i love esp guitars though. i have the ec-500 and i love it.
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Yes, I know there is more to it that the pickups, the neckthru design gives much better sustain but the floyd rose is the same and i dont use the coil tap. I am borrowing my friends 200FM and i love it but my ESP LTD H50 with a SD SH-6 in the bridge gives off a way better tone through distortion and clean. I just want input on whether it would be wiser just to let the sustain thing go and get better tone (100FM) or leave the sustain and settle for mediocre tone(200FM)
Well seeing as the M-200FM uses agathis and the M-100FM uses basswood, the M-100FM is gonna be the better choice as long as you replace the pickups. A Duncan JB/59 set would work well.
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Both use Agathis, they are basically the same guitar, just one is a neckthru and has EMG ESP Pickups while the other has a bolt on and stock pickups