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This poem was originally going to be called serendipity, but then I realized that nothing good came from you, and that I wasn’t surprised.

I think;
I stumbled into you with wide eyes
and a need to sensationalize.
A curtsy with a smile,
a small pause and a pirouette
and me; bow-legged like a mirror
a step or two behind,
a motion picture stuck on
a loose reel of tape.
You came late though,
the Aryan race
never sung your praise
or felt the sting of your grace.
so to me you were just like
a caricature of some perfection
that I had never seen before,
but I had heard in songs
and read in words
and dreamed of.
I think;
the zip-tie around my tongue
was attached to my lungs,
and now I can’t breathe.

She Sells Sea Shells

She tried to paint me in primary
but I still came out black and whiter
than the marble that she's made of.
She's next to me, blistering
from twisting on medicine caps
of bottles that were empty all along,
grinning and grinding the teeth
that she was born into.
I dug out a hole for her.
More than she'd ever do for me,
but less than I would do for myself.
It was perfect in dimension like
the skin that she has stretched
so that she'll never bare her bones..
Marked, maimed, and deemed
extra unordinary, I caught her
masquerading as a trainwreck,
and have to admit that even I
had to look twice. I think
that she's exactly
what I need.

Lady With Sticky Jam Jars Outside Her Garden

Early morning
I ran in fields with plants so slender.
So golden I felt like dirt.
Clowns smiled at me.
The closest thing I could get to petulance
was sinister disguises of pretty white lies.
Late evening
I sat in clouds with maids running round
catching grief I acceded with.
Clowns looked down on me.
The closest thing I could get to belligerence
was piglets and calves.
I can hold hands but only while heads
are disconnected.
With each step I grow,
but not when I’m going backwards.
I’m painting a picture
with watercolours;
refusing to imprint something more permanent.
I want the clouds to sit below me
while evil looks up.
I want to stroll through the fields
while the clowns run
and I smile.

The ghost will fly from the sky and torment you
you'll be all alone as they mistreat you
the corporations will fall
there greed will kill them all
and only one man will stand tall
o a hard days reckoning is gonna come to us all

Lie down your arms now well there's still time
if you don't the end won't be kind
he'll burn you where you stand
a blaze of fire making your mere dust and sand
o man
a hard days reckoning is gonna come to us all

Its not far off so do now what you should have done then
get in your kicks before the rain it spits
as the fires burn in the pits
and the screams echoe up the walls
the ones that entrap us all
o yea
a hard days reckoning is gonna come to us all

stand up boy, take a stand
if you don't do it now where will you end?
things they come, they go
and the fruits of our labour
are in the seeds we sow
come now watch them grow
cause you know
a hard days reckoning is gonna come to us all

and she, she moves now with grace
but for how long she dunno
whos knows how long till your set in place
she thinks about it now and again
but forgets and becomes the man of tin
but she'll be judged for her sin
a hard days reckoning is gonna come to us all

so becareful what you do, be careful what u say
death could only be a minute, a minute away
and when you stand there waiting at the gate
are you gonna wish it wasn't to late
Would you wish there was more time
would you look at the world
with a different frame of mind
when you know
a hard days reckoning is gonna come to us all