Ive got a buddy in my woodshop class. and hes building a guitar out of oak. hes already got a fender neck, 2 seymore duncans and a floyd rose for it. im just wondering if building it out of oak is such a good idea
It'll be damn DAMN heavy.
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Doesn't the Red Special have a piece of oak from a mantelpiece or wardrobe or something in it?
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oak is a terrible tone wood, very heavy, reduced wood vibration, etc. but, an electric guitar is an electric guitar.
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who cares lol it will be cool
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Many people say that oak is a very lifeless wood when used in a guitar, however Brian May's Red Special is made almost entirely of oak. The only piece that is not oak is the neck, its Mahogany. It probably will not be the lightest instrument to carry but you could always chamber the wood.
only if its ancient chinese oak....

it should be fine - its dense and can have nice grain patterns
I asked this recently to my instructor who builds custom guitars, mainly because I was wondering why oak wasn't good for fretboards since fretboards need to be hard. He said builders shy away from oak mostly because it has all kinds of pores in it, said it kills your tone and sounds muffled. Ebony and rosewood on the other hand are good fretboard woods because they are both hard and solid, meaning without those pores.
Sooo heavy...

It really isnt the worst tonewood, but for the cost of a piece of oak, you could get a higher quality tonewood.

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