Hey all. I've been using the gear in my comment since I started and I'm thinking about getting a new guitar. So far, I'm not sure if the pickups are crappy in this guitar or what, but I've been going for this particular sound. I thought I had it at the store with this amp but I don't remember. I've been looking at trying to get a thick heavy sound, not fully distorted, but slightly, and still have the treble ring out nicely. I don't know, it's kind of how iron maiden sounds in my head.

Besides that, my lp copy doesnt have the fret access I'd like and I'd also probably like a thinner neck. In addition, I like the idea of coil tapping because I'd prefer to have one really nice versatile guitar. I don't care about the tremolo one way or the other, I figure i might spend a little more for a guitar with one, but I'm not going to buy a guitar with one and replace it. I love iron maiden led zeppelin and the beatles but I also have been listening to a lot of metallica and megadeth lately, so if that figures in....I've been looking at some ibanez guitars but there an absolute **** ton of them, so if anyone can recommend a guitar to these specifications. < 1000 dollars, and I'd really like it new.

Agile AL-2000
Vox ad30vt
Orange 20b bass amp
SX SPJ bass
crappy jasmine branded takamine acoustic guitar