I'm prety happy with my rig now, but from your point of view, what do you think could be improved, as in, things to get, things to loose, things to upgrade...

Rig's in the sig (oh the EQ isnt in use by the way)...

additional stuff... Venom and cordinal cables, ernie ball strings, dunlop picks
only thing that needs change is you Need to use an EQ lol
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kool, definiatly the EQ, ill keep the trem, i dont use it, just need it to stay in tune, and it does, but OD and wah are things i've been thinking about too...
compressor and/or effects might be something to consider, maybe upgrading the ds-1 (to what i have no idea)
I have NO distortion coming from the DS-1, just use it to tighten up the metal tones a bit...
Ill prob just Upfrade the eq, to have a bit more control, as the EQ on the mesa is quite transparent. Any Eq's to reccommend?
MXR 10-band, or fish'n'chips if you want to go cheap.
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