It's both a book and a saying; discuss.

Perhaps Frenchy and Dirk would be interested?
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Haikus are awesome
but sometimes they don't make sense

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People always tell me I solo like Zakk Wylde. Thats how I know that I suck.
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+1 = 3

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And Daron Malakians custom triangle pick.

Thats all you need to know.
Good soldier svejk is better.
Bono: "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies."

Audience member: "Well, f*cking stop it then!"
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Good soldier svejk is better.

Yeah, but that hardly makes for a good saying though. Too long.
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*opens happytimeharrys head* *finds nothing*

what a ripoff

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Shouldn't have used the in the title.

It's a challenge.

Oh yes, I said it.
This thread contravenes Catch-22

Populus vult decipi. Decipiatur.

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It's can be a contraction and genitive case.

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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...