I know it's probably just a low end model that you wouldn't want to play out Live or record a serious demo to, but otherwise, how's the Behringer X V-Amp Multi F/X Pedal?

I'm just a casual player, having fun at home (no band, but some basic recording). If it sounds awful, I wouldn't want it, but if it's decent sounding, it's kind of appealing being that everything is preset with no knobs to adjust (I wouldn't know much about what do adjust on the others). It's also cheap at $70 (US).

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horrible. as a general rule, stay away from anything Behringer if you want to sound decent.

you've got a great setup right now. why would you want to mess it up?
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Yeah, I used to have a Behrenger amp with a similar engine in it. It was not good at all. Cheap! but not good.
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