Wrote this poem for my creative writing class, got some inspiration from the Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel.
Had to be about an animal btw.

Criticize away!

(btw... my native language is not English)

The Animal

The Animal, silent he walks
Stirs not even the ground he saunters upon
Leaves twist and turn
As the nightly air twirls

Silhouettes, cast by the moon
Creeping steadily across the dunes
Surrounding, swollowing, encircling
The Animal, feels the growing uncertainty

Darkness creeps in
It speaks of the endless sleep,
As breeze of the night, Swiftly
Brings forth the never-ending light

No more, The Animal roams
Slienced, his colossal roar
Brought down,
Forgotten as the night fades away.

Gibson ES-335
Peavy Classic 30
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