Last week it snowed 3 days, today it is about 80 degrees out. This happens a bit here.

Anybody else have this kinda weather?
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Today, it rained. Fucking hard.

Now it's sunny out.
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It has been like 80 the last few weeks here. Today it was 50.
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ya ohio is always messed up weather wise. it looks like its gonna snow this week, but next week its suppossed to be sunny and warm. ugh... gotta love it
last weekend it snowed 20 inches in some parts of Minnesota
and today its 60 outside
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Its always hot as **** here. Florida is hell on earth.
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Earlier today it was like a heatwave then it chucked down with rain and there was thunder and lightening as well.
It was really warm here this morning.. then in the afternoon we had the biggest hailstones I'd ever seen. I was looking out on to the grass in my garden it was like big white balls jumping they were falling so hard!

And there was then heavy rain and thunder.
here in colorado thats how it always is.

one moment its snowing a blizzard, the next its 90* heat.

i hate this place...
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