Ok, long story short I've got an audition tomorrow for a new drama series, I'm all ready for the audition... except one small part. They asked me to prepare a story about the weirdest day of my life (should be true) and I'm kinda struggling to think of anything that fits the bill nicely - I've got some ideas but I'm certain there's a good story I'm forgetting.

So here's your part UG, tell me your stories about the weirdest day of your life - but keep them true please. Could be just a weird story, a quick moment of madness or anything...

And don't worry, I'm not planning on plagiarising anybodies story, I'm just hoping that someone can jog my memory on some weird happenings!

THE catch-22 incident in UG... and sniffing Dreadnought's balls of course..
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Today is...*article*...weirdest day of my life. Look at this forum!!
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Christ, does anyone here actually do anything outside of UG? Someone closes a few threads and everyone shits themselves.
I think last week was pretty freakin crazy for me. nothing that will help you though. write about today on the pit!

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Last year me and some friends went on a road trip to another town to pick up tuxes and some kegs for prom. We got there, picked up 2 kegs because we couldnt get the empty one filled. Then we dropped the empty one off at one of they guys' brother's house. We were getting bud from him too, so while some of those guys went in to get it, me and my friend charley and his sister went to a head shop. I picked up my first pipe there.

Got back to the house, picked the guys up. Then we went to get tuxes, except me and charley already got ours so we decided to take a walk up the street on a hill and break in his new pipe with the fresh bud. Smoked a cig on the way back down the street. Pretty baked by then.

Then the rest was kind of a blur, we smoked alot more weed, went to the mall to get chinese. I didnt want to be around people so i just sat down and layed my head on a table while they ate. We ran into some people we knew...dont remember what was said, but that was weird.

Then we spent awhile driving around town then left. Stopped at a friends ranch to drop the kegs off (thats where the party was), sat there for awhile. Then we left and smoked ALOT more bud and listened to Pink Floyd's Division Bell album, which was pretty trippy after smoking that much.

Then i got home and my parents thought i was drinking because i smelled like axe. I told them i wasnt drinking. And it all kinda ended right there. There are random events that happened, but i wont mention them because
1. i've wrote enough
2. I dont remember what part of the day they happened and it might confuse you more than you already are.
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