Does anyone in the UK have any idea where I can get a gigbag that will fit a BC Rich KKV?

Cheers in advance.
First check B.C. Rich's Site, to find the model number of the case that fits that guitar.

Then, go to music shops and see if you can order it.
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Gigbags and V guitars are generally not recommended, you'll risk damaging the points.
Jackson does have a gigbag for its V and RR guitars but it's quite expensive (€ 70) but you might try this one: http://www.thomann.de/gb/jackson_dlx_gig_bag_kvrrkewr.htm?partner_id=25293
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Thanks for the link, however that does not have any dimensions on it. I have measured and dimensioned it but unfortunately not many sites think to include it with their listings.

I would look at a hardcase, however I tend to walk places with my guitar and it's not easy to carry a hardcase a few miles.