ok line 6 apperently sucks from wat im told so i checked peavy and i found the bandit 112 is this amp loud enough for small shows and have a nice sound
80w solid state is enough for almost anything. It has plenty of headroom before clipping, which is a good thing. I'd go for a peavey Valveking 112 though. it has a nicer sound IMO. also, the Valveking will be louder than the Bandit, since it's tube.
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for a little ss amp, it's not bad, I used to have it's big brother the Special 212 and it got me by for several years
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I have the peavey bandit 112. It has no effects but its definitely loud enough for a small show and has a pretty good sound.
it's not bad for a solid state, but the valveking would be ten times better.
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