I can get riffs and things awome but how do I play gitar solos. I can play slower solos but when it gets to doing hammer on parts i cant do it and thats the part i most want to play. So basically i need help reading a songs solo or writing an original solo.
well you gosta learn your scales man. then just practice practice practice. speed comes with time.
You know, writing a solo is REALLY HARD especially when you have to keep it on key or it will screw up your song. I don't really recommend actually hammering on unless it is critical to make the song sound right. But, instead of hammering on in solos that are on one string I just tremolo pick it. (Strum all the notes fast picking). Also to read a solo you just take it one note at a time. You have got to put time into learning a solo so just don't quit on one. If you need any more help just private message me.
The simple and honest answer here is to get better at guitar. Practice what you are bad at. Don't get discouraged. Give it a year of solid work, playing at least an hour a day (and I mean at least).
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