So... someone else started a thread a few days ago about their brand new Epiphone Texan Elite, so i'm also going to post a thread about my new acquisition as well.

I just got a brand new Martin D-16RGT and am absolutely FLOORED by the tone each time i pick it up and strum some chords. It is honestly one of the best i've ever heard. I've tried a Martin DC Aura(actually gigged with it), a Taylor 414ce Koa Fall Special Limited, and a customized Larrivee D-09. I can honestly say that this guitar can seriously compare with those.

Anyhow... the first day I brought this guitar home, i stood in my upstairs hallway and strummed a really hard E chord. lets just say... the 2nd floor of my house was vibrating. that's just plain awesome if i do say so myself. i never thought that it was actually possible for an acoustic to project so well.

one thing i noticed about my martin though, is that with a thin pick(.5 or so, which is what i used to use on my A&L), I can BARELY get any of that full martin tone. i now use a .73 pick and the sound is just plain... WOW every time i play it. I have a feeling that even harder picks will pull out some more tone.

anyway... i'm on the list for AOTM, so i'll give a full in-depth review later. i've only had the guitar for a few days, so i dont know what it's really like yet. im suspecting that the tuners arent amazing though... but we'll see. just wanted to share my new bundle of joy with you all!
Really nice guitar. Saw a vid of it on YouTube and the sound is awsome. It's really expensive but perhaps its worth it.

And you managed to tear yourself away from playing to take a few pics for us -- man that's willpower!