ok so the bassist in my band doesnt have a ug account so im doing this for him. He needs an amp that will be able to keep up with my 50 watt DSL and my friends 100 watt TSL (both tube amps if you didnt know). Ive suggested a few but I dont know very much about bass amps so I need your help. Would this GK (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/GallienKrueger-Brat-Pack-HalfStack-Bass-Amp-Package?sku=482546) work. How bout the Fender Rumble 100 watt or the Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000. O and the price range is a little flexible but it cant go much over $400. Were going to be playing so pretty good sized shows this summer along with local block parties and stuff. Thanks for the help.
If there's a 100W tube amp in the mix, he's going to need at LEAST 300W. Maybe even more.

The Fender is no way near powerful enough, or that GK. And avoid Behringer. It's cheap for a reason.

(And that reason is it's crap)
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Im gonna say that a Crate BT220 would be good. Its 220w, and only about $200.
Gallien Krueger goldline 4x10 is an awesome buy and maybe you could go for the gallien kruger 700II Rb head. not sure how much over 400 you were talking about but right there is a powerful rig for not too much
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how bout the GK backline 600 and goldline stack?

I have the backline, and while it sounds good, I think the wattage is slightly overrated. The goldline series is decent at best. It sounds like you guys pretty much have him covered, amp-wise. With a $400 budget, I'm sorry to say it, but there isn't much he can do against a TSL. That GK stack is about the best it'll get.
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Well I'm going to assume that neither of you guys will be cranking your amps, because otherwise you don't have a chance. Basically your choices in this price are (all used) Fender Bassman, Ashdown MAG, Carvin, SWR combo, and that is about it. Might have forgotten one. You won't be able to be very choosy as far as tone, your bassist will just have to get the one with the most wattage. If you can stretch your budget or save up a little longer, then that could go a long way.