I'm looking for a wah. I'd like to play 60's rock(jimi, cream,..), so i was already looking into this Vox 847A wah. Untill i saw this Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah with beter sound, feel, True Bypass and all the other good ****. Now i'm just not going to buy the fulltone, it's way too expensive. But i am good with electronics and i could easily mod the 847 wah.

But now i'm reading that it is hard modding the new 847A wahs. Why is that, is it totally inpossible or is it just really hard? Wich mods can be done?
And do you guys have any good sites for these mods and their schematics?

The 847A is pretty much impossible to mod the board on. I'm looking into doing TB on mine though, i'll let you know how that goes...
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yep, big pain in the ass with these ones. there's a lot of tiny surface mounted components on the board. true bypass seems like the only easy mod.

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I dont think its 100% impossible, ive taken mine apart, you basically cant desolder anything because it was all done by robots from the future or something to that extent, im not sure myself, but for me it doesnt really look like a job you could do youself with ease.
Well that sucks!
I think i'm going to look for something else then.

Thanks anyway!!