hey peeps

im just about the get the ibanez s470 but ivbeen warned by many people tht the guitar is great but the pick-ups suck..with this in mind i want to change them but havent a clue what i should replace them with....i play rock music, red hot chillis, good charlotte velvet revolver and avenged sevenfold so it varies a little in style.

can any 1 recomend any pick-ups i shoud consider plz

Well are you gonna progress to get heavyer later on or softer? If heaver get like a seymour duncan of somesorts. just go check there website.
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i dont no what sort of amp it is its just a marshall, dnt no much about amps 2bh

i will try thrm out 1st but alot of people have said ther laim so im just sort of getiing prepared to change them
its a mg series 15 cdr...thts what it says on the amp..is tht any good?

i no ye but i dint get many replies so i 4t id try again lol