Hello all! I recently bought a Yamaha Rgx 721 electric guitar, with an EMG-81 pickup (the onlyone that's working). What happens is that when I play powerchords, everything is ok, yes, this pickup is perfect for powerchords and low strings, but when I play powerchords and mix them with 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings (the thin strings), these first three strings (the ones who have more acute sound) they almost doesn't sound!!! Even when I play the 1st and 2nd strings alone, I cannot almost hear them! For example, when I play Serve the servants (by nirvana) (hear it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtB6gEmr6ZY) The acute strings almost can't be heard! Only the last four strings can be noted. Is it because the EMG-81 is a punk rock pickup and only captures the last strings's sound and powerchords? Or what's happening?

Thanks a lot people for the help! Waiting for answers!
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the EMG-81 is a punk rock pickup

The 81 is made for metal.
Have you ever played a different guitar? Its like that on all of them. Of course the lower strings are thicker so they're going to overpower the thinner ones to some extent. All you can do is raise the pickup height on the side with the thin strings.
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Try adjust the strings or the pickup.

Are active pickups magnetic like passive?

I assume so, so maybe your high strings are too far or your low strings are too close, or maybe your high strings are too close to the pickup and the magnetism from the pickups is stoppin them almost immediately.