I have a problem and don't know what to buy. I have 8 9V-DC pedals and an Ehx English Muff'n which comes with 12V-AC 1000mA adapter. I need a power supply which can handles all of them. I live in Turkey so input voltage should be 220. What should I buy?

I don't think Pedal Power 2 is good for me but I found T-Rex Fuel Tank. It has 8 9V input and 1 12V input but 12V input gives 500mA. My ehx pedal came with 12V AC 1000mA it may cause some problems. What do you think?
well, thanks for the site.

It's too bad cause my supplied psu is broken. And it's not easy to find one for europe.
Few things going on here...

First... you can do two things; one, get a converter for your voltage, or two find a power supply at ~200V.

Option 1 Since your power is at ~200V, you are gonna need a converter to drop the voltage down to like 120V (most power supplies you will find online have an input of 120V; you might be able to find some at ~200V, but most pedal supply chain type-deals are designed for 120V). Once you do that... you should be able to buy almost any power supply to use that's rated at 9V (most supplies are intended for the U.S., so you will probably find a wider selection rated at 120V). Option 2 If you do not get a converter, you just have to make sure you buy a supply that takes ~200V input; you can probably find these from most any European based site.

Regardless of what route you choose... there are some things to note. First, make sure the supply can handle 8 pedals (ie, it has 8 plugs/cables). And make sure it is all rated 9V output. Second... make sure the supply can deliver more than enough current. If you plug in ~8 pedals, you'll probably want a supply that gives 2A to 3A minimum (2,000mA to 3,000mA). If you do not have enough current for all your pedals, none of them will work! (these current numbers are estimates, based off the assumption that each pedal consumes ~200mA)

But... please note, you WILL need two power supplies. All of the above refers to a power supply that will supply your 8 pedals with the 9V DC that they need. This power supply will not be able to supply your power for your EHX.

Your EHX comes with a 12V, AC, 1000mA adapter. This implies that... it needs 12V, it needs AC, and it needs ~1A. You will be unlikely to find a power supply that can power both your other 8 pedals, and this pedal, for multiple reasons. One... most supplies provide output at all the same voltage (in this case, you have many 9V, and this one 12V). Second... supplies do not offer the ability to supply either DC and/or AC output, you either get a supply that does AC, or one that does DC (and you have 8 pedals that need DC, and 1 that needs AC).

Essentially, you will want to get a power supply that powers your other 8 pedals. And then keep your EHX power supply for that pedal. The supply recommended above gives 3A, 9V, DC output, with 260V AC input, which is what you will want/need for your other 8 pedals.
thanks for the explanation. Do you have any idea where can I found a supply for europe for my ehx? I looked at thomann and ebay.co.uk but could't find it.
ok problem solved. There is a local guy who makes pedal clones he told me that he can make one. thanks for all your answers