Ok, so I'm in a complete Dilemma. i've got about 400 odd quid to spend, I might be able to max to about 500.

I currently have a squier, it sucks, big time. Everything is wrecked. Big point is, I need a new guitar. But I've been thinking about it and Iv'e changed from Epiphone Les paul GXs, to Gibson SG Special faded, to PRS SEs, to fender Jaguars, and Fender Teles, and anywhere else. I haven't got a clue what guitar to buy, I know if I buy say, a tele (Favourite right now is Lite Ash) I couldn't get as distorted as I'd like with music like HORSE The band etc. The same witha Gibby SG, I couldn't get those signature Fender cleans. I know I'll be buying either a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or a similarly priced amplifier for Christmas, but until then, WHAT GUITAR?

Please just tell me all teh best guitars, for whatever style etc, for around my rpice range. I'll play anything, Hardcore, Shoegaze, Alternative, Classic Rock, and anywhere in between. PLEASE Help, I need it.
Epiphone Les Paul of some sort would do for Classic Rock.
Fender Strat / tele MIM would cover alternative and maybe classic rock.
Ibanez S470 would do hardcore (With a pickup change), classic rock, maybe alternative.
All 3 you can pick up for less than 500.
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if you wanna shred get a schecter or ibanez, thats what they're made for. i cant really tell you what model in the price range though i have no clue how much that is in USD i haven't been to the UK in a while.
S470 isnt only for metal/shred. Brad Nowell from Sublime used it. great cleans too. (not as good as strat or tele)
i have an epi lp that i love to death (was my first guitar). not quite as nice as my fake firebird (tokai) but very good guitar. plays like a dream, good overdrive/distorted tones and great cleans (i personaly prefer less shimmer and more bass and mid-range to my cleans).
^not in UK, LTDs are extortionate here.

Check out the Washburn X50PRO, killer guitar for the money.
The S470 is a seriously versatile guitar but unless you need the trem, the Ibanez SA260 is a much better choice...cheap too.

Also try the Japanese Fender Tele/Tele Custom reissues, amazing bang/buck ratio and just within your price range. Also look into Italia and Hagstrom, they arguably make the highest-quality guitars available for the price (in the UK, at least).
I think the most versatile guitar possible for good distrotion and good cleans would be something like an SG but with coil tap switches on the humbuckers. I think you could buy an Epiphone G-400 and have that kind of mod installed within your budget, or I think some of the ESP guitars have coil taps built in already and they make some SG copies, don't know if any of those would do it.

Or failing that then the good old option of an HSS strat is always a solid way to go.
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Epiphone G-400 or Les Paul Standard
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Is the G400 considerably better than the Gibson SG faded Special?

And can I get like, Texas Is The Reason kind of early emp tones from an SG? Or would the Telecaster be better? (I don't really like EMGs)
A Fender HSS Strat would cover almost everything you possibly would want to play, and I think you should have the money over to upgrade with a better pickup in the bridge.
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+1 to the guys who told you to get the S470, SA260 or Fender MIM HSS Strat, though I think I have something here for you that beats those guitars.

Yamaha Pacifica 812V (479 pounds):

I have played this myself and am considering buying it, it's a really versatile axe. It has three Seymour Duncan pups that will deliver the sounds you asked for. It has an excellent tremolo as well as great woods and generally high standard craftsmanship.

EDIT: If you end up having only 400 bucks. The 612V is identical to the 812V, except for the tuners and sinngle coils. The Tuners are excellent on it nevertheless (I think Grovers) and the Yamaha single coils sound very good as well.
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