I usually play with a pick so im a bit of a noob in this area.

Anyway, firstly, whenever i strum something, i have my thumb and 1st finger together as if im holding a pick - is this ok? I personally don't like it much, but hoping it will become more comfortable as time progresses.

Another problem ive encoutered is picking notes on the same string. I was playing a bass strum song and after some strums i had to play 4 notes on the 5th string followed by 3 on the 5th... am i meant to simply downpick them using the fleshy part of my thumb or is that incorrect?
Try the classical/acoustic forum. They'll have a better explanation than anyone here.
well the thing is playing with your fingers, not so much your nails

i anchor my hand with my 3rd & pinky wrapped on the bridge, down pick with thumb and up with 1&2

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when i strum while fingerpicking i curl my fingers up and strike the strings with the top(broadside) of all 4 fingernails. some people use their fingers for the treble strings and thumb for the bass. i've also seen people use the "airpick" too. whatever works, sounds good and dont hurt you or your gear is ok. look around and see what styles you like.
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